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Mercat Bath Bomb
Mercat Bath Bomb
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Mercat Bath Bomb

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Our bath bombs will fill your bath with colours & amazing smelling aromas, helping you to relax and forget the stresses of your day.

Our bath bombs are handmade and completely free of animal products and cruelty-free. Colours may vary per batch but will not affect use. 

Please note:
-Price is per ONE bath bomb
-Colour & Fragrance chosen at random (if you have any allergies please leave a note when checking out

 -Bicarbonate of Soda
 -Citric Acid
 -Kaolin Clay
 -Polysorbate 80
- Almond Oil
 -Cosmetic Mica Powder
 -High-Quality Fragranced Oil

Colour Mica Powder Fragranced Oil
Green Harlequin Neon Apple & Cinnamon
Carbazole Neon
Monkey Farts
Orange Alizarin Neon Bubblegum

Approx: 55 gram each

 -Run a bath to your desired temperature and gently place the bath bomb on top of the water. Slowly move your hand away! Wait for the bath bomb to completely finish fizzing prior to entering the bathtub.


 -May cause a slippery bath - be careful when getting in & out. 
 -We recommend wiping out the bath immediately after use as slight staining may occur. (If your bathtub is old or contains a lot of soap scum, leaving the water in can cause staining)
 -May cause temporary staining to the skin & bath.